Planned upgrade - 25 October 2012 10:00AM GMT

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joel Wednesday, 24 October 2012 11:36

SpaceBox will shortly be upgraded in order to give users :

New features:

  • Folders can be now downloaded directly, without Zipping them. Simply right-click a folder and select "Download". Large folders with large files can be now downloaded without hitting any server limitation. This feature requires Java.
  • Option to automatically deactivate a user account at a specified date.
  • Added text editor that is not using any third-party online service. Plain text files can also be created using the "New" menu.
  • Presentation files ("PPT", "PPS", "ODP", "SXI", "PPTS", "PPSX") can be created and edited now using Zoho.


  • Added support for PHP 5.4 with "ionCube".
  • The MP3 player has been completely remade. It now uses HTML5 if Flash is not available. It also supports playing "OGG" and "WAV" audio files.
  • Any Zoho-supported file type can be created using the "New" menu option. Simply type in the file extension that you want.
  • The users passwords are now encrypted by default.
  • The custom actions (Zoho, Pixlr, etc..) are also multilanguage now.
  • Users can reset their passwords by typing in their e-mail address instead of the username. Recovering a lost password is no longer possible, because no plain text version of the passwords is stored.
  • Files can now be search by metadata document type.
  • A list of file extensions that shouldn't be allowed for uploading can be defined inside "Control Panel » System configuration » Misc options".
  • Users home folders are automatically created also on first web interface access, not only on user creation, if role configured with auto create folder.
  • Adding, editing or deleting user roles is now recorded to the activity log.
  • Shared folders accessed via WebDAV are now using the alias, if one set.
  • The "@Shares" WebDAV folder is now shown only if there is any shared folder available.
  • The location of the folder where temporary data is stored when zipping and unzipping can be set inside customizables/config.php using "$config['path']['zip_temp']".
  • Added command line script for emptying the trash folders of the users. Simply call "php cron/empty_trash.php". You can empty the trash folder for only one user by including its username in the command "php cron/empty_trash.php username"
  • HTML files are now opened directly in the browser for previewing. Previewing with Zoho Viewer was slower and had no benefits.
  • Setting "$config['system']['log_notification_emails']" to "true" inside "customizables/config.php" will make FileRun log all the e-mail notification to the file "system/data/temp/notifications.log". The entire e-mail message will be logged, with the headers and possible error messages from the server.
  • The number of items displayed per page in the activity logs can be increased using "$config['app']['admin']['activity_logs']['items_per_page']" inside "customizables/config.php".
  • Improved the German, Czech, Spanish and Finish translations. Thanks to Johannes S, Josef S, Pablo P. and Markku V.
  • Added Basque/Euskara translation, thanks to Antxon Z.
  • Adding "&rss=1" to any weblinked folder it will display the folder contents as a RSS feed.
  • The date of user's last login can be seen now in the control panel.

Upgrade is planned for the 25 October 2012 @ 10:00AM GMT

Expect a 15 minutes service stop.

With regards,