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Geraldine Moser Friday, 21 December 2012 17:48

Dear all,

Below you will find some enjoyable holiday/post-holiday reading!

(M. Davis MSS96) SHS-SP

(C. Rousseau MSS99) NSR Analysis—Military SATCOM: Planning For The Unknown

(M. Potter & J. Weintreub SSP09) Israel, U.S. team up in Google moon-lander race

(T. Saracenos SSP09) All that is solid melts into air: Tomás Saraceno visits MIT

(T. Craine) SPACEIL and ODYSSEY MOON announce joint teaming agreement to pursue $30 million Google Lunar X prize

(SU/ISU) #A.I.L - artists in laboratories, episode 11

(P. Diamandis) Imagine a better future

Season's greetings,

Geraldine Moser
ISU, Business Development Unit