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Geraldine Moser Monday, 04 February 2013 15:53

Dear all,


Below you will find some media exposure covering mainly the month of January 2013:


(Sheiley Bailey SSP89) NASA Scientist to Give Space Talk


(Peter Lee MSS97) Flies to Hitch Ride Into Space for Heart Study

(Patrick French SSP99) NSR Analysis: The FSS Market Leader Board

(Norah Patten SSP10)

(Michael Laine SSP08) Launch Party: a crowdfunding revolution ignites the next space race

(Imran Ali, Alejandro Ortega and Urska Kanjir, SHS-SP13) It will be 50 years before next moon mission, says astronaut Andy Thomas


(ISU & IISC/Angie Bukley) IISC Workshop, Space Tourism: Risks and Solutions

(ISU/Chris Welch) Wanted: Mars Colonists Who'd Do Really Well on Reality TV Shows

(ISU) National Student Space Conference 2013, UK

(ISU) - ISU and Florida Tech Seal Partnership


(NASA/Lori Garver) Career Center to host NASA administrator


(ISU) Un parc qui relie l’université et les entreprises (Parc d’Innovation celebrating its 30th anniversary)

With kind regards,