ISU and INPE confirm SSP13 to be held at ISU central campus

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Geraldine Moser Monday, 11 February 2013 12:30

ISU and INPE confirm SSP13 to be held at ISU central campus


Until the beginning of this year, all arrangements for the upcoming Space Studies Program (SSP) session were in place, with the expectations of both the International Space University (ISU) and Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) of a great event at INPE´s premises in São Jose dos Campos, Brazil. All arrangements were reviewed jointly by ISU and INPE personnel in September and December, 2012. In particular, the accommodation arrangements were negotiated jointly by ISU and INPE representatives with a local network, in September 2012.

 In January 2013, unexpectedly, the hotel company informed INPE and ISU that the terms accorded in September 2012 would not be maintained, particularly with a substantial increase of the originally accorded price. Difficulties in either raising the necessary funds at such short notice or concluding a new agreement with another hotel group prompted a joint decision by ISU and INPE to move SSP13 to the ISU facilities in Strasbourg. This decision was facilitated by the availability of a renovated student dormitory in Strasbourg, with the capacity to collocate students and a major part of staff and faculty in new studios as first occupants.

ISU President, Prof. Peeters and INPE Director, Dr. Perondi issued a joint statement:

« We regret these events which are unfortunately beyond ISU and INPE control. INPE continues to support ISU as in the past and will attempt to maintain its commitment to this SSP13. Both organizations are very much optimistic as regards the success of SSP13. »

 All SSP13 related participants will be given immediate notification on the new situation, which in particular will influence travel arrangements as well as a slight change in SSP13 schedule, now from 24 June to 23 August, a change of only one week.

 The decision was based upon the necessity to provide the required infrastructure for the participants and faculty. The experience with recent SSP’s in Strasbourg and lessons learned are a guarantee for an outstanding SSP13.