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joel Thursday, 07 November 2013 14:55




We would like to let you know that a new FileRun software update has just been released.

Here's a summary of the update changes:

  1. New features:
    1. Activity notifications. Read more about this feature here:
    2. Support for opening OpenDocument files (".ODT", ".ODS", ".ODP"). FileRun's "OpenDocument Viewer" is a fast internal viewer that works in any browser.
    3. Office files (".DOCX", ".DOCM", ".DOTM", ".DOTX",".XLSX", ".XLSB", ".XLS", ".XLSM",".PPTX", ".PPSX", ".PPT", ".PPS", ".PPTM", ".POTM", ".PPAM", ".POTX", ".PPSM") can be now opened with Office Web Viewer (, a new Microsoft free web service.
    4. Image files can be now edited with third-party editor.
    5. Support for playing M4A audio files.
    6. Support for playing M4V video files.
    7. Support for playing MP4 video files on mobile devices via the touch interface.
    8. Support for "TAR", "TAR.BZ2", "TBZ", "BZ2", "TAR.GZ", "TGZ" and "JAR" archives and for "GZ" compressed files. The contents of these archives can be previewed and extracted. The PHP extensions "Zlib" and "Bzip2" are required.
    9. The internal PDF viewer is now available and set as the default viewer also for the touch interface. The viewer can also handle larger files better now.
    10. Ability of downloading all files shared through a WebLinked folder. The entire structure of the linked folder can be downloaded with one click. It requires Java support in the browser.
    11. Creating new files with Zoho provides options for choosing the type of file.
  2. Improvements:
    1. Added native support for Internet Explorer 10. Accessing FileRun in compatibility mode is no longer needed.
    2. The email notification messages sent by FileRun are now logged and can be checked from the control panel, by clicking the "Logs" option under "E-mail notifications". If you see the messages there without errors, but they do not reach your inbox, you should check your e-mail account spam settings and the junk/spam mail folder. Only the notifications sent during the last two days are saved and the older ones are automatically deleted from the log.
    3. When user A downloads a file from user B's folder, user B's activity log gets a new record about A's download. It can be used to set notification rules that send e-mail messages when files are being downloaded from a certain user's home folder, but by other users. If you are not interested in setting such notification rules and wish to keep the size of the user activity log smaller, this behavior can be disabled with the following configuration line: $config['app']['logging']['skip_provide_download'] = true;
    4. The activity logs and the file logs can be now configured to delete older records. See the "System configuration" » "Misc options" control panel section.
    5. Improved the partial file downloading and resuming support. Pausing a download and resuming it, will only add the download action to the FileRun activity logs only when the entire file has been sent to the user's browser. This will also avoid receiving many redundant e-mail notification messages when a user streams a video or audio files and skips to different parts. Partially downloading or streaming an audio or video file will increase the traffic quota usage only by the transferred amount instead of the entire size of the file.
    6. oUsers can have multiple devices permanently logged into FileRun, at the same time, using the same user account. Logging out one device will not logout the others.
    7. The upload window can be minimized, to allow the user to perform other tasks while the files are being transferred. It also opens automatically when you drag files from your computer over the FileRun browser page.
    8. The option for archiving users activity logs has been added to the control panel.
    9. Lowered the application's memory usage and considerably improved the loading times.
    10. Added authentication plugin for Joomla 3.x
    11. The users' "Notifications" option now notifies also about download actions.
    12. Downloading folders (in zip archives), logs the download action for each file that was downloaded.
    13. Downloading multiple files in a zip archive now logs the download action for each downloaded file.
    14. Zipping folders writes the action to each zipped file's activity log.
    15. The action of sending files by e-mail is now logged individually, for each sent file. The files are now sent to each recipient in a separate message, even if you attach files or links, so the recipients will not be able to see to whom else were the files sent.
    16. The e-mail button for WebLinked files opens now the "E-mail" panel and not the user's e-mail program.
    17. The AES file encryption asks the user to retype the password, to avoid typos. The user can now choose to have the source file deleted after encryption or decryption. The deleted source files are moved to "Deleted files".
    18. Automatically suggests a randomly generated secure password when creating user accounts.
    19. When using an SMTP server, you can now specify the server's port number.
    20. The theme of the touch user interface has been changed to resemble iOS.
    21. The touch interface includes now options for setting expiration date, passwords and getting short urls for WebLinks.
    22. WebLinks are now automatically created when opening the panel for files that are not already linked.
    23. Terms and conditions can be written for WebLinks. It is a free text that gets displayed to the visitors before they download the WebLinked files. It can be used also for showing notes or guides that relate to the files that are being downloaded.
    24. Added options for posting WebLinks on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
    25. Added configuration option for forcing users to password protect the created WebLinks: $config['app']['weblinks']['forcePasswords'] = true;
    26. WebLinked image galleries now show a list of thumbnails under the image file that is on display, to quickly jump to another image.
    27. If the Apache "mod_xsendfile" module is enabled, FileRun will now use it by default for handling file downloads. (If downloading files fail with the HTTP "404 Not Found" error, XSendFile's "XSendFilePath" option needs configuring.)
    28. The HTTP caching has been improved for files thumbnails, to avoid reloading them from the server on successive access. This applies also to the WebLinked folders that contain image files.
    29. The Java upload method's interface adapts to the users operating system for the look and feel of the buttons and the file selector popup.
    30. The file activity log is now paginated. Each page shows 100 records. The list can be refreshed, without having to reload the window.
    31. Extracting an archive suggest the archive file's name for the target folder name.
    32. Zip archives created with FileRun have now UTF8 encoded filenames and the (EFS) language bit is set.
    33. Deleting files from "Deleted Files" no longer requires a confirmation.
    34. The superuser is now seeing the full file paths inside the control panel "Activity logs" section.
    35. Replaced all the file type icons with larger ones and added support for 18 more file types.
    36. The small icons "New", "Locked", "WebLink" and "Comments" are shown now also in the detailed view of the file list.

For a list of fixes and other changes, please check the changelog:

For installing software updates please use this guide:

Important note: this is the last update to support PHP version 5.2, which has been discontinued by PHP almost three years ago. If you are still running an old PHP version, we strongly recommend you to update your server to PHP 5.3 or 5.4 (

Feedback, comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Please reply to this message if you are having any trouble installing this update or problems with your FileRun installation after the update.

Best regards,

FileRun Team