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Geraldine Moser Monday, 03 February 2014 17:16

Hi all,

Below some articles about ISU alumni, faculty and ISU that you can find in the recent media and press:

Kenneth Murphy, MSS01 - Celebrating space

William Pomerantz, MSS04 – TEDxTalks, Why We Go: Leaving Our Beautiful Home And Exploring Outer Space: Will Pomerantz At TEDxPCC

Peter Platzer, MSS12 - Innovation Station

Angie Bukley, ISU Dean – Executive Space Course

Chris Welch, ISU Director MSc program - Mars One : télé ou réalité?

Gary Martin, ISU Faculty - Innovation Station

James Green, Visiting Lecturer – NASA Will Miss Congressional Deadline for Next Discovery Solicitation

Byron Lichtenberg, BOT member 1987-1990 - Agent joins Longview insurance agency


NewSat Limited is proudly supporting the future space workforce in Australia by sponsoring the Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program (SHSSP)

NewSat sponsors UniSA Space Program

Space explorers descend on Adelaide


Aouda X Wearable Spacecraft Suit Helps Astronauts Eat, Drink and Scratch Nose for Mars Exploration

UKSEDS Announces National Student Space Conference 2014

PROFILE: Fiona Collins is reaching for the stars

Susan Ip Jewell's mission to Mars

Studentenforschungsballon BEXUS 11 erfolgreich gestartet

Geraldine Moser