MSS13 Adrianos Golemis relating his Concordia, Antartica experience with MSS15 students!

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Geraldine Moser Tuesday, 24 February 2015 11:04

Today at ISU, MSS13 alumnus Adrianos Golemis relates his 9 month experience at the space mission analogue station Concordia, Antartica to MSS15 students. Adrianos, a medical doctor shares his involvement in this unique opportunity offered by ESA, where team work allowed him to carry out his research and experiments, where he discovered majestic skies, experienced the oceanic feeling, watched boreal aurora, understood the importance of protecting nature... The exposure to ISU's 3I's was no doubt the best preparation to this one in a lifetime experience. And setting up a live connection with the Concordia station triggered excitment amongst the whole MSS15 class!