Cultural Nights at ISU!

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Geraldine Moser Thursday, 26 February 2015 15:22

Cultural nights are a real institution at ISU!
And when the festivities are introduced by the chairmen of the board of trustees (BoT), Christian Sallaberger SSP98 and the academic council (AC), Juan de Dalmau SSP89, one knows that an informative, quarky and fun evening is ahead of us!
The program started with a bang. The small daughter of one of the Chinese students sang a moving nursery rhyme in both Chinese and English, which was followed by Guang Chen shared her great passion for Chinese writing and drawing. Elias from Brazil invited a famous Brazilian band and got everyone to dance to some bossa nova and other hard-driving rhythms! Columbia was presented by “Melissita” who explained the cultural differences between the various regions of her country. Mansoor depicted his home land, England, and swiftly introduced the newly nominated British dish ‘chicken tikka” which he had cooked earlier on and shared with all partakers!
To wrap up the evening, the MSS15 students surprised the members of the BoT and AC with some mission patches which they had designed and proudly presented to the chairmen of both groups!