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Geraldine Moser Monday, 20 July 2015 13:28

And more on SSP14 Team Project Space4Health (S4H)!

ISU Faculty dr. Farhan Asrar had come up with, and led, another separate international project working with leading international experts. This has been published in the August issue of Lancet ID (one of the world's leading journals) and the references include the S4H report and journal publication, which will further highlight the work the team & ISU did. Check it out, details are below.

Lancet ID August 2015:
'Help from above: outer space and the fight against Ebola'

By: Dr. Farhan M. Asrar, Dr. Suhail Asrar (UofT), Dr. Jon Clark (Baylor), Dr. David Kendall (2016-17 Chairman UN COPUOS),
Dr. Thu Jennifer Ngo-Anh (Head of Human Research Office, Human Spaceflight, ESA), Ms. Stephanie Brazeau (Public Health Agency of Canada), Mr. Peter Hulsroj (Director, European Space Policy Institute), and Dr. Richard Williams (Chief Health and Medical Officer, NASA)

And assistance from Dr. Pascal Michel (PHAC), Mr. Michael (Obie) O'Brien (NASA) & Mr. Masanori Muto (JAXA Charter Secretariat & MRI)