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Marie Wack Thursday, 06 August 2015 17:31

In keeping with its interdisciplinary roots, ISU is very pleased to announce that it is co-hosting the launch of the film 'The Visit - An Alien Encounter' on the Wednesday 2 September 2015. This will be a live event and simulcast with international (and, we hope, intercultural) cross-border audience participation.

The film was made with the involvement of the experts from UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, NASA, ESA, CNES, the SETI Institute, COSPAR and ISU and features four members of ISU's global faculty (Dr Jacques Arnould, Dr Sherryl Bishop, Dr Chris McKay and Prof Chris Welch).

Together with our co-hosts, we are seeking organizations and groups around the world who would like to join in with this event (which will also act as a flag-raiser for World Space Week, one month after). For information about the event and how to join please see the attached one-page summary. The event is expected to include 30 countries with several screening venues in each countries (for example, in Denmark 48 cinemas are already involved, while in the USA the live event will be streamed on Vimeo).

Apart from being part of the event, there are also exposure and sponsorship opportunities.  If you are also interested in these please contact the film's producer, Lise Lense-Møller, Magic Hour Films at llm@magichourfilms.dk.

You can watch the trailer for The Visit at https://vimeo.com/107131063.

One Pager available here: http://www.isunet.edu/images/stories/isu/News/Latest/2015/thevisit_onepager.pdf