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A new organization entitled the Toronto Students for the Advancement of Aerospace (TSAA), co-founded by ISU alumni Jeffrey Osborne (SSP11, MSc12), is set to host a conference on October 25-27th 2013, with the theme being on Do-It-Yourself projects. The objective of the conference is to highlight individuals and small groups that go outside the traditional roles of industry or academia, and try new and innovative projects that ultimately re-shape the industry itself.

The TSAA in Brief…

The TSAA is a collaboration between the University of Toronto and Ryerson University that was formed recently in 2012. The mission of the TSAA is to promote aerospace within the student community, and they intend to do this through hosting a yearly conference. They are looking to establish connections with other student-run organizations in order to act as a medium for students to get involved in the aerospace industry.

The DIY Engineer – Origin of Innovators

The conference theme for the TSAA’s inception year is on DIY projects, and how by pursuing these projects individuals and groups can better prepare themselves for entry into the workforce, and ultimately change the industry itself. At a time when public funding for innovative aerospace projects is being reduced, the TSAA is looking to highlight how private activity in the 21st century will revolutionize the industry.

ISU Alumni Discusses the TSAA

Jeff Osborne: “The TSAA began simply as this drive to promote aerospace to students. We often have these discussions about how governments or agencies need to do a better job of reaching out to youth and get them involved within these high-tech industries, but we see very little real work being put towards truly engaging students in this increasingly important industry. So what the TSAA set out to do from the onset was to host an event for students, and give them an opportunity to see what is happening in the aerospace industry, and how they can get involved and really make a difference.
With this mission of engaging students in aerospace, the question then became about how best to theme the conference. But it became pretty self-evident that, in our current economic times, the best way to highlight the aerospace industry was by focusing on people who are taking it upon themselves to do projects that were once reserved for large institutions or agencies. Moreover, we knew we had to focus on both the aero- and astronautical sides of the industry, as these are increasingly becoming more connected with one another. If we consider the industry as a whole today, we have private companies with plans to send rovers to the moon, or supply ships to the ISS. We have companies building open-source satellites, and student clubs sending scientific satellites to orbit, or we have companies that are building airplanes to replace the family car, and we have students building human-powered helicopters. What we want to do is bring together these individuals, highlight their incredible work, and hopefully encourage students to take on their own incredible challenge.”

Getting involved with the TSAA

The TSAA is currently accepting abstract submissions until March 29 at 17h00 EST (21h00 GMT), after which time registration will open. To submit an abstract, go to the TSAA Submission Page and follow the instructions. You can also look at their Call for Presentations document, which provides more information on the conference structure. Any inquiries about the TSAA or the conference can be sent to