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Abdul M. Ismail Discussion started by Abdul M. Ismail 8 years ago

Dear fellow ISU alums,

In my capacity as the alumni representative on the ISU Board of Trustees, I’d like to solicit the entire alumni community for your thoughts and observations on your ISU experience (during the course and after graduation, with an emphasis on the latter). The next meeting is planned for the last week of February so I would appreciate your input before mid-February.

My priority, besides my mandate, is my election manifesto (1. Job/PhD placement, 2. ISU consulting mechanism, 3. Alternative streams for fund raising and 4. Contribute to shaping national/regional policy) which was based in part on my personal experience as well as casual discussions with alums over the past decade but you may have other concerns that could be raised during BoT meetings.

I took the liberty of contacting all known alumni organisations around the world but I wish to stress that my door is always open for individual/direct feedback although you’re more than welcome to provide your input anonymously via your local/regional alumni organisation.

Feel free to inbox me so I can provide you a dedicated contact e-mail address established specifically for ISU BoT/alumni matters – and remember to provide me with your course/year of graduation. I’m also available (primarily all-day Monday and all-day Tuesday) for Skype tele- or video conference calls. Please note that all correspondence will remain confidential.

I look forward to your input.


Ab, MSS2001, ISU Board of Trustees - Alumni Representative