Do you know a technological, scientific or societal...

Geraldine Moser Discussion started by Geraldine Moser 8 years ago

I am posting this message on behalf of Luigi Scatteia, SSP04.

Dear fellow ISU students and alumni,

Strategy& and SpaceTec Partners are kindly asking you to participate in a study to identify the next space prizes in Europe for our client!

Most of you will have heard about Google Lunar XPRIZE which awards $ 20 million to the first team to land a robot safely on the moon and move it 500 meters. Several renowned institutions are awarding prizes as well such as the NASA Centennial Challenges or the DARPA Robotic Challenge, rewarding teams that complete remarkable technological challenges with a monetary prize.

We are interested to hear what YOU think the next technology challenges are in the space domain. Space enthusiasts, space professionals or academia are most welcome to submit their ideas!

Do you know a technological, scientific or societal problem in your field? Or do you believe solving a certain space challenge will drive innovation years to come?

We would be very happy to receive your ideas at on what you see as big challenges in the following major space domains: Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Space Exploration and Science, Space Transportation and Satellite Communication.

Maybe YOUR idea will become the next space challenge for teams across Europe to solve and win an attractive monetary prize and eternal glory…