Abdul M. Ismail Discussion started by Abdul M. Ismail 7 years ago

Dear ISU Alumni,

I've been invited to present “different thoughts for a new ISU strategy from an alumni perspective” at the forthcoming Board of Trustees meeting.

I only have a few weeks to compile this information so I'm taking the liberty of addressing you directly.

If you have any thoughts, please send me a bullet-point list of up to 5 issues together with a brief explanation of each topic and I’ll create a list of the top 10 items to present.

Please only responses by sending a private message to my Connect2ISU profile (https://connect.isunet.edu/abdulmismail/profile). This is so I can compile replies in one online platform.

The deadline to receive your response is Friday 13th February, which is 3 weeks from now.

I look forward to receiving your input and at your request, I’ll keep your information completely confidential so feel free to be as candid as you want.

Best wishes,

Ab, MSS2001


Abdul M. Ismail Alumni Representative on the ISU Board of Trustees