Abdul M. Ismail Discussion started by Abdul M. Ismail 7 years ago

Dear Colleagues,

As many (or all) of you know, the UK Space Conference will be taking place in my home city of Liverpool on 13th to 15th July and since it's the first time an alums are coming Liverpool for a space conference, I thought it would be an idea to organise a get together on Monday(13th) evening, following the networking event. We'll aim to get to the restaurant of choice by 9pm so it will be a late one.

I took the liberty of visiting a number of restaurants and a few will offer a 10% discount where the cost will range from £15 to £20/person. Some offer a three course meal with vegetarian options available.

Ryan Laird​ kindly set up a Doodle poll (http://doodle.com/kdqrb2x834k78qtr) so if you plan to attend, please indicate your preferred choice of cuisine. You can select only one or check all boxes and the highest votes will be the restaurant we'll make the reservation with. Please register your selection by Monday 6th July. I'll send everyone set menus as soon as I know the venue.

Non-alums, including partners, are more than welcome but please try to register their preference independently.

I look forward to seeing you in Liverpool!


Ab, MSS2001/Alumni Representative on the Board of Trustees