SSP 800A message delivered by ISU President, Prof. Walter Peeters:

"Dear alumni, I am happy, now that another year is coming to its end, to offer a few impressions of our recent activities. At the same time, I take the opportunity to make you a great chance for a tax reduction! At the creation of ISU, the first ISU Chancellor, Arthur C. Clarke, made the following statement:

The first universities helped to bring mankind out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance. They demonstrated a potential to unshackle the minds and spirits of the people of their time. In our day, there are few institutions which satisfy any higher individual aspirations or greater interests of humanity. The International Space University may well become an essential cornerstone in leading humanity ahead in space and on Earth in the century to come.

In line with this, ISU has been striving to reach out to participants in its courses from everywhere on Earth. Whereas many countries now have ISU alumni (estimated at 105 countries to date) the geographical distribution is far from equal over the different geographical zones, as can be seen from the present distribution below.

4The reason for this is rather straightforward. At this point in time ISU receives between 500-600 show of interest for each of its core programs (MSS, SSP and SH-SSP). However, actual recruitment is still driven to a large extent by the availability of sponsored scholarships or sponsoring organizations. As we can see this is not the case, in particular, for Africa and South-America where only very sporadically ISU is able to find an agreement with a candidate.

Without these sponsoring entities, ISU can only offer such candidates scholarships using its own limited resources.
This is the rationale behind our annual call for the Scholarship fund, to allow promising participants to benefit also from the ISU education and start a career in the increasingly global space sector.

Just to put this in perspective: if each of the nearly 4500 ISU alumni would donate 100 euro, this would

- Allow 60 students from emerging countries to attend SH-SSP, or
- Allow 50 students from emerging countries to attend SSP, or
- Allow 40 students from emerging countries to attend MSS, or
- Evidently a combination of these 3, which would be the ultimate goal to have in each program a larger geographical diversity.

In addition to this, it will also help you, alumni, as in many countries it will be possible to deduct such donation from your taxes!

So make a donation before the end of the year via, we guarantee that all donations will be used to support scholarships!