Vacant PhD positions at DLR

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DLR opens PhD positions in In-situ resource utilisation

The three PhD positions are offered as foreign exchange scholarships via the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The Link below is to the general website where all DLR-DAAD scholarships are offered. This page also describes how the application process is handled.

DLR Current offers - DAAD

The three positions in the Synergetic Material Utilization research group have the numbers 489, 490 and 491. In the following are also direct links to each position:

Position 1: Extraction of oxygen from regolith for in situ propellant production

DLR-DAAD Research Fellowship Oxygen extraction from regolith

Position 2: Development of an infrastructure for the treatment, extraction and processing of water, hydrogen and oxygen in future space habitats

DLR-DAAD Research Fellowship Water, Hydrogen and Oxygen Infrastructure

Position 3: Development of material concepts based on the combination of space resources and life support waste products

DLR-DAAD Research Fellowship Material concepts